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Registry Error AUDIOKSE.DLL

Description Audio Ks Endpoint

This article contains a step by step guide that you can use to try and resolve this problem.

There may be many reasons why the registry can become corrupted, most damage can occur when the computer shuts down incorrectly or power is removed from the system whilst processing system files or unloading processes and drivers.


To solve this problem, follow these steps.

Shutdown due to power failure or other system shutdown may cause registry corruption. To determine whether this is the cause of the problem. See the full list of event ID 6008 Event ID 6008 indicates that there is a sudden shutdown in some cases this process may be in the process of modifying some of the registry. Computer turns off before the transformation is complete. Registry, enabling conditions are not constant. To restart When the operating system tries to load the registry. May find that the information in the registry is not corrupt. And you may receive an error either to include them in the “Summary” section of this article.

The file is damaged and faulty hardware.

Other files may be corrupted, you must specify whether only the corrupted registry or other files. (System and data) are corrupted if the damage does not happen only with the registry. Damage that may be caused by a hardware error. This hardware may cause the following written to disk.
random access memory (RAM)
Disk controller

If you suspect faulty hardware. Hardware manufacturers have to check the condition of all computer equipment carefully.

Writing to the registry at shutdown

If the stability of the damaged registry at least one group for no reason. Problems may occur while shutting down and not found until you load the registry hive to start next time. In this situation, Registry hive is written to disk when you shut down your computer. And this process may make a computer or device on the computer to stop working before the write is complete.